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God Stalk

God Stalk - P.C. Hodgell Like the Continuing Time series by Daniel Keyes Moran (as commented on a few months ago), the two books detailing the exploits of the journeyman thief Jame (of which God Stalk is the first) are constant favorites of the rec.arts.sf.written crowd. It is easy to see why. Both are great adventure stories, with an unusual setting and interesting characters. Much of what passes for SF can only claim two of those three distinctions.

However, I'm not going to join the club for either. While I did not have difficulty stomaching this book (unlike, say, books by Lois McMaster Bujold), neither did I feel a true excitement or enjoyment from it. I was entertained rightly enough, but that was all. And when it comes to pure entertainment, I'd rather have a book that humors me than have one that simply takes me for a ride.